"Anchor to Your Strengths" Set

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"Anchor to Your Strengths" Set

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1 x "Anchor To Your Strengths" Booklet, by Melinda Brecheisen   + CA$0.00
1 x "Anchor to Your Strengths" Card Deck (34 Cards)   + CA$0.00
1 x My Makes "Anchor to Your Strengths" Recipes and Label Set   + CA$0.00

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"Anchor to Your Strengths" Set
"Anchor to Your Strengths" Set

In stock



    "Anchor To Your Strengths" Booklet. There is no better way to Anchor to your Strengths than by matching your strengths to essential oils. This booklet will assist you in identifying which oils best match your strengths with the newest and most up-to-date chart! It teaches the technique, offers the most accurate and up to date chart on pairing Strengths to oils, and offers Top Tips on getting the most out of your day.

    "Anchor to Your Strengths" Card Deck. This deck is a beautiful, professionally illustrated set of cards that brings to the forefront almost every strength that is required to be productive in your day and achieve your goals, leaving you feeling refreshed and accomplished each day. These cards are creatively designed and informative for daily use on how you can anchor particular strengths to achieve a task with the matching oil blends, for each one.

    My Makes "Anchor to Your Strengths" Recipes and Label Set. This recipe guide and label set features 10 quick-and-easy essential oil blends to enhance finding your strengths, harnessing them with essential oils and leading you on a more purposeful path. These recipes and labels are designed for 10 ml roll-on bottles.

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