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  • Aroma Heal 1: Simple Techniques to Support Emotional Healing with Essential Oils book: Essential oils are nature's healers used since ancient times. Their properties for healing physical conditions are well known, but their properties for healing emotions are finally receiving recognition. If you feel bogged down by emotional weight but want to release it and move toward peace and fulfillment, this book is for you. The authors present personal experiences and step-by-step energy healing techniques enhanced with essential oils. Empower yourself with simple tools for self healing.
  • Aroma Heal 2: Powerful Techniques to Accelerate Inner Healing with Essential Oils book: Aroma Heal 2 adds 5 new tools to the emotional healing toolbox introduced in Aroma Heal 1. Learn how to dissolve emotional chains, remove heart stones, apply the Ho'Oponopono technique, release your inner prisoners, and heal your inner divinity. Again, anyone can understand and apply the techniques with remarkable results. This second volume sheds further light on the science of essential oils and how they create an environment of emotional healing within the body. Combined with simple energy healing techniques, the oils help accelerate and deepen permanent emotional release for increased inner peace and happiness.
  • Aroma Heal: Emotional Mindfulness Cards: This beautiful sturdy card deck was created to enhance, balance, and support emotional healing. The cards help create positivity and mindfulnesspowerful tools to use daily.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Contents: 2 books and a deck of 74 cards.

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