English "Essential Oil Usage Guide A-Z" Booklet, 8th Edition (Pack of 10)


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Makes using oils easy as ABC!

  1. • What are essential oils?
  2. • How do I apply them?
  3. • Oils for what ails you.
  4. • Common singles and blends.

Product Description

First, this succinct guide describes what essential oils are and how to apply them. (It also explains the importance of choosing oils that are 100% natural and certified pure therapeutic grade.) Then, it catalogues over 200 health conditions with recommended oils and blends for each. Finally, the booklet lists single oils and oil blends with their common uses. The back of the booklet includes some extra pages for your own notes.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Contents: 10 English booklets.

Pages: 35 (each booklet).

Dimensions: 4¾" tall x 4¾" wide.

Table of Contents

What are Essential Oils?
3 Ways to Use Essential Oils
List of Ailments
Common Uses of Essential Oils and Blends


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