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  1. Essential Oils for Mood Regulation Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3713

    Introduces the benefits of 4 mood-enhancing dōTERRA® blends—Balance, Elevation, Citrus Bliss®, and Serenity™—and outlines the unique characteristics of each oil component in the different blends.

  2. Emotions & Essential Oils Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 8991TP

    Want to be more proactive with your emotions? Learn why emotions are normal responses to life and create awareness on how to control them better.

  3. Essential Educators: "Anxiety" Mini Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3910
    Ways to use essential oils for the most common mental health concern.
    1. • How essential oils function to lessen anxiety.
    2. • Illustrations of common essential oils for calming.
    3. • Synergistic blends for diffusion, roll-on vials, and bathing.
  4. Essential Educators: "Yoga" Mini Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3913
    Host a mini class on essential oils and yoga, or use this for individual practice!
    1. • How oils benefit a workout.
    2. • Applying oils for focus, energy, or relaxation.
    3. • Synergistic, targeted diffuser blends.
    4. • A yoga stretch to do anywhere.
    5. • Yoga mat cleaner spray.
  5. Rollerball "Men" Recipe Sheets (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 1723Recipes

    Real men use essential oils! Extra recipes sheets for the "Men" Make & Take Workshop Kit.

  6. "Yoga and Meditation Using Essential Oils" Recipe Tear Pad (25 Sheets)

    SKU: 1725TearPad

    Learn about the benefits of yoga and meditation and about how to incorporate essential oils into both practices.

  7. "Bath and Body Using Essential Oils" Recipe Tear Pad (25 Sheets)

    SKU: 1726TearPad

    Make your own toxin-free bath and body products using 12 easy recipes!

  8. Essential Educators Mini Tear Pad Set (Set of 10)

    SKU: 3900Set1K
    A mini series of essential oil topics with usage tips, blends, and recipes.
    1. • Application methods: aromatherapy, dilution, internal, topical.
    2. • Mental health: anxiety, depression, emotions.
    3. • Popular topics: cooking, kids, yoga.
    4. • Designed for individual and group presentation.
    5. • Sold individually too!
  9. "Chakras, Crystals and Essential Oils" Recipe Tear Pad (25 Sheets)

    SKU: 1729TearPad

    Learn how to use chakras, crystals, and essential oils together for vitality and healing. Includes 10 roll-on recipes.

  10. "Essential Oils and the Brain" 2-Page Foldout Guide (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 3779.v2

    Discusses how essential oils can be used to support healthy brain function in adults.

  11. Essential Educators: "Chakras" Mini Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3914
    How to use essential oils and yoga poses to help balance chakras.
    1. • Beautifully pictures and explains the 7 chakras.
    2. • Recommends essential oils for each chakra.
    3. • Describes aromatic and topical application.
    4. • Illustrates basic yoga poses to balance energies.
    5. • Makes a great introductory class outline and handout.
  12. "Essential Oils for Women's Wellness" Tear Pad (25 Sheets)

    SKU: 3929

    How to use essential oils to support wellness and alleviate imbalances at any time of the month!

  13. "Body Balms" Recipe Tear Pad (25 Sheets)

    SKU: 1721TearPad

    Whip up your own natural, non-toxic body balms! Learn the benefits and characteristics oil blend recipes, carrier oils, and butters and make your own balm products.

  14. Essential Oils for Skin Recipe Sheets (25 Sheets)

    SKU: 1720TearPad

    Create your own skin care blends based on your skin type! Includes tips for amazing skin and identifies essential oils for skin care.

  15. Lifelong Vitality Supplements Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3711

    Descriptions of AlphaCRS+®, xEOMega®, and Microplex VMz® Lifelong Vitality supplements. These useful handouts are a great way to introduce essential oil supplements at your events!

  16. Slim & Sassy Plan Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3715

    Get ready to celebrate Slim & Sassy® at your next event!

  17. "Estrogen and Women's Health" Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3731

    A woman's body is profoundly affected by her hormone cycle, especially the presence of estrogen.

  18. Chakras Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3761

    The chakras handout is a great reference for beginners and experts alike on understanding, clearing, and balancing chakras (energy centers) in the body.

  19. "Getting the Body I Want, Naturally" Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3769

    Ideal as a basic handout or the basis of a wellness class, this sheet outlines a 6-level wellness pyramid: eat right, exercise, rest and manage stress, reduce toxic load, practice informed self care, and seek proactive medical care.

  20. "The EssentialYoga Program" Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3786
    Host an introductory class on using EOs to enhance yoga.
    1. • Companion to the yoga and business book.
    2. • Introduction to oils and application methods.
    3. • 5 yoga class recipes.
    4. • Space for class notes.
  21. "Detox & Renew with Essential Oils" 2-Page Foldout (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 3756

    This 2-page, foldout guide discusses the importance of cleansing and detoxifying our bodies for optimum health and vitality.

  22. "Essential Oil Perfumes" Recipe Sheet Tear Pad (25 Sheets)

    SKU: 1707TearPad

    Take the mystery out of making essential oil perfumes!

  23. "Aroma Inhalers" Recipe Sheets (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 1712Recipes

    Do you need more recipe sheets for your "Aroma Inhalers" Make & Take Workshop Kit? Here they are!

  24. "Lotions & Potions" 2-Page Recipe Foldouts (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 1718aRecipes.25

    Do you need more recipe sheets for your "Lotions & Potions" Make-and-Take Workshop Kit? Here they are!

  25. "I am Fabulous" Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 8830TearPad

    Outlines why we can use essential oils to aid emotional wellness and provides a basic outline of the class. A companion to the book, I Am Fabulous: Blends for Emotional Wellness, by Desiree Mangandog.

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  26. "A Guide to Aromatic Dressing" 2-Page Foldout (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 3936

    This beautiful handout addresses the concept of aromatic dressing—the process of self-love by learning how to consciously listen to the needs of the body and supporting it with essential oils—and the benefits that come from it.

26 Item(s)
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