15 ml Amber Glass Vials and Black Euro-Style Caps with Orifice Reducers (Pack of 6)

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Euro-style caps insert an orifice reducer when twisted on.

  • Common way to store and use essential oils.
  • Orifice reducer controls oil flow by drops.
  • Amber glass protects contents from UV light.

These amber glass vials are the standard size for storing and using essential oils. The dark color protects contents from damaging UV rays. The Euro-cap has a built-in orifice reducer that snaps into place when you first twist it onto the vial. This helps control by drops the amount of oil you dispense. The vial is also sealed until you twist the cap off for the first time.

Contents: 6 amber glass vials and 6 black Euro-caps with orifice reducers.

Volume: 15 ml (~½ oz., or 1 T.) Container Size Comparison Chart

Neck: 18-415. (Click to view other bottles and tops with the same neck size.)


  1. Simply transfer oil from another bottle. You can do this easily by using a plastic pipette, syringe, or glass dropper.
  2. After the oil is in the bottle, screw the euro-cap onto the bottle (clockwise). You should hear a little pop before it is completely tightened letting you know the orifice reducer has been gently released from its place within the cap and placed into the opening of the bottle, ready for use. The cap is also equipped with a seal that will break when opened (similar to a new water bottle).
  3. Once all the oil is in and the cap is screwed on, you may want to label the vial, so you or whomever you give it to will know what it contains.

Note: Caps may vary in style and orifice reducers may vary in height per package.

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