"Emotional Super Powers: Awakening Your Super Powered Brain" Class Sheet (Pack of 12)

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An introduction to techniques and oils for EQ (emotional quotient, or intelligence).

  • Background on brain structure and function.
  • Techniques and oils for brain training.
  • Focus on 3 EQ "super powers."
  • Springboard to companion book.

This "Emotional Super Powers" Class Sheet features specific tools to increase skills that help to improve emotional intelligence. The handout is broken into 5 different sections—Whole Brain Learning: Which Part Of Your Brain Are You Using?, Emotional Super Powers Can Move Us Into the Prefrontal Cortex, Strong Like a Tree (Super Power: Self-Care), Creation Vacation (Super Power: Play), and Stronger Together (Super Power: Heart to Heart)—that teach skills to help build a strong foundation for a more balanced and enlightened mind. Beautifully presented with full-color photographs and illustrations.

Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Contents: 12 class sheets (2-page foldout).

Dimensions: 8½" tall x 11" wide folded; 17" wide unfolded.

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