"Emotional Super Powers: Awakening the New Brain with Super Tools & Super Smells" Booklet, by Pam Robinson and Rachelle Castor (Pack of 5)

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No person, no government, no public policy, no leader, superstar, or Ph.D. can give you sustainable emotional health. But you can. With this booklet and other ESP tools, you will have the power and essential oil protocols with Super Smells™ that aromatically anchor truth as you manage your inner world with wisdom.

"No person, no government, no public policy, no leader, superstar, or Ph.D. can give us sustainable emotional health. Only through the thousands of tiny choices we make, and thoughts we think each day, can we learn to access our whole brain... the brain of a superhero. When we establish our own emotional super strengths we are creating sustainable emotional intelligence—a smart heart—and preparing our true self to show up in the most critical moments. We will see debilitating fear transform into courage, addiction into connection, codependence to interdependence and the need for approval into confidence. Where once there was over-sacrificing there will be healthy boundaries and self-care. With greater awareness, we will have the ability to manage technology instead of it managing us. Competitiveness will shift into celebrating another's successes and shaming criticism will become compassion. Healing emotional wounds allows for the development of the prefrontal cortex where wisdom dwells—hopelessness to hope and bitterness to forgiveness as our thousands of tiny choices shine with a transcendent light of love."

Teach a 40 min class from this booklet and empower your team, re-engage product users, and increase interest in emotional oils all while you support humanitarian efforts around the world.

Use this simple, 4-week challenge found at the back of the booklet to turn struggles into strengths for you, your family, clients, and students.

From your heart, to your home, to hope for humanity—join the movement.

Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Contents: 5 booklets.

Pages: 30.

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