Essential Oil Clip Strips (Pack of 2, Holds 10 Vials)

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A simple, handy way to store and use your essential oils! The strip mounts to any surface so you can keep your vials off the counter and within reach.

Keep your essential oils off the counter and conveniently within reach. Clip strips mount to any surface using either strong adhesive strips or screws with drywall anchors (all included). Ideal for inside kitchen or bathroom cabinets.To secure any size of standard oil vial onto the strip, simply slide the bottle into the clip with the micro-tab under the cap.

Contents: 2 oil clip strips (each holding 5 vials), double-sided adhesive tape strips, and 4 mounting screws with drywall anchors.

Features: Fits most 5–30 ml standard essential oil bottles.

Neck: 18-415.

Dimensions: 9" long x 1¾" deep.

Instructions: Mounting directions included. Rest oil vials in strips by sliding into clips under the bottle caps.

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