Modern Essentials Living, Softcover Edition


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Filled with original ideas and easy instructions for enhancing daily living with essential oils.

  1. • Introduction to cooking with oils and recipes for many foods and beverages.
  2. • Sections on crafts for adults and children, holidays, body care, cleaning, class ideas, and diffuser blends.
  3. • Full-color photographs all all entries.
  4. • Giftbook quality for personal or professional use.

Product Description

This lifestyle book is the perfect complement to Modern Essentials and can be used for classes, marketing meetings, home events, and gift-giving. Get others buzzing about how essential oils can change their lives! The stunning presentation is packed with class ideas and essential oil recipes for cooking, crafts, body care, housecleaning, diffuser blends, and children's activities.

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Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: July 2015.

Pages: 224.

Binding: Softcover.

Dimensions: 8½" tall x 8½" wide.

Note: The "Modern Essentials Living: Cooking with Essential Oils" Handout summarizes the "Cooking with Essential OilsFAQS and Tips" section of this book. It's an excellent way to briefly share this information with others!


An Introduction to Essential Oils
Cooking with Essential OilsFAQs and Tips
Is it safe to ingest essential oils?
What are the benefits of using essential oils in cooking?
What oils can be used in cooking?
How much oil do I substitute for herbs?
Oil substitution guidelines
Cooking tips
Cooking with Essential OilsRecipes
Appetizers, Snacks, Misc.
Side Dishes
Crafts for Children
Body Care
Make and Take Class Ideas
Diffuser Blends
Essential Oils and Blends Quick Usage Chart
Pine Cone Owl Pattern
Bunny Buddy Pattern


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