"Fido & Felix"' Recipe Sheets (Pack of 10)

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From the make & take workshop! Physical, emotional, and seasonal spray remedies for pets.

You can purchase extra recipe sheets for 10 dog or cat spray blends from "Fido and Felix: A Make-&-Take Workshop Kit." Recipes included for 2 oz. sprays (some oils omitted for cats): Anxious, Breath, Bugs, Cuts, Digestion, Itch, Lumps, Muscles, Respiratory, and Seasonal Threats.

You can also use our "Fido & Felix" Waterproof Label Set for these sprays. These labels help you identify your different sprays or prepare bottles of the same spray as gifts.

Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Contents: 10 Sheets.

Additional Items Needed (not included):

  • Essential oils for blend recipes–arborvitae, cardamom, cedarwood, coriander, cypress, eucalyptus, fennel, frankincense, geranium, ginger, helichrysum, lavender, lemon, marjoram, myrrh, orange, peppermint, Roman Chamomile, sandalwood, vetiver, and Protective Blend.
  • Additional additives: aloe vera juice, apple cider vinegar, carrier oil, colloidal silver, dish soap, distilled water, and witch hazel (alcohol free).
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