O-Presto Tool to Put Roller Fitments in Roll-on Vials (5 and 10 ml)

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Quickly and easily put roller fitments into roll-on vials with the O-Presto.

Our roll-on vials are great because they make it so simple to apply essential oils, deodorants, and other liquid recipes to the body. But it can be difficult to insert the roller fitment when filling or refilling your vials. O-Presto makes it easy! And it works with our ⅙ and ⅓ oz. roll-on vials.

Instructions: Fill a ⅙ or ⅓ oz. roll-on vial with oil or other liquid, leaving room for the roller fitment at the top. Lift the pressure bar. Place the vial in the appropriate slot (shallow slot for ⅙ oz. vials; deep slot for ⅓ oz. vials). Set a roller fitment (including the ball) on top of the vial. Press down on the pressure bar to push the fitment into the bottle. Screw the cap onto the bottle, and you're finished!

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