Purple Sample Case with 12 Sample Vials (5/8 Dram)

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This small, zippered case is perfect for travel, trade shows, home presentations—any time and place you want oils with you! It holds 12 small oil vials (¼ or ⅝ dram) with elastic straps to keep them securely in place. The exterior is a fun, vibrant color and sports a clear window pocket for your business cards or essential oil pass-along cards. The interior is black.

Contents: 1 sample case and 12 ⅝ dram vials.

Dimensions: 5" wide x 3¾" tall x 1" deep.

Features: Holds up to 12 vials, ¼ or ⅝ dram. Can also fit a combination of 6 larger vials (1 dram) and 6 smaller vials (¼ or ⅝ dram).

Note: Need a professional looking card to go with your samples? Try our Essential Oil Sample Cards!

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