Sample Clutch with 4 ml Sprays and Roll-ons (Holds 12 Vials)

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Includes 6 glass 4 ml roll-on vials and 6 glass 4 ml spray vials. Each is protected in a separate elastic band.

This handy clutch keeps your 4 ml roll-on bottles and sample misting spray bottles safe and organized! One half holds up to 12 vials in secure elastic straps. The other half contains multiple pockets for brochures, business cards, and pass-along cards. The case zips open and includes a removable wrist strap.

Contents: 1 roll-on clutch, 1 detachable wrist strap, 6 four ml roll-on bottles, and 6 four ml sample misting sprays. (Printed materials not included.)

Features: Holds 12 vials (4 ml roll-on bottles or misting spray bottles) and various printed materials.

Dimensions: 9¾" tall x 5" wide x 1" deep.

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