Small Body Wraps (Pack of 2, Wrap Only, No Juices)

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Did you know that when essential oils are applied topically, some may evaporate before being fully absorbed by the skin? That is why many people maximize oil effectiveness with skin wraps. High-quality wraps fulfill this purpose while avoiding problems found with inferior materials. Our wraps can be used for losing weight, soothing upset tummies, aiding cleansing, helping wrist or ankle problems, and calming headaches—in short, assisting any topical application.

Contents: 2 small wraps and 1 usage guide.


  • 4-way stretch fabric lined with hook-and-loop fasteners offers easy, customized fit.
  • Sealed wrap closure prevents damage to skin or clothing.
  • Bacteria-resistant composition withstands direct contact with essential oils.
  • Durable construction and machine-washable material lasts for years of repeated use.
  • Variety of sizes can also connect for versatile applications.

Dimensions: 6" x 24".


  1. Remove wraps from packaging and wash before first use.
  2. Apply essential oil or Wrap Juice to target areas directly on the skin.
  3. Wrap appropriate size wrap around target area.
  4. Leave wrap(s) in place for 1–8 hours. Can be worn overnight.
  5. Once finished, remove wrap(s) and allow to air dry before rolling for storage.

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