Symphony of the Cells Bundle

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Buy these five must-have resources together and save!

Buy these five must-have resources together and save!

"Symphony of the Cells: Balance & Harmony" Booklet, 6th Edition. A hands-on massage technique with essential oils for physical, emotional, and energetic health.

"Body Systems & Essential Oils" Chart, 5th Edition. A quick-reference companion for the Symphony of the Cells booklet.

Symphony of the Cells Journal. The Symphony of the Cells Journal is all about helping you understand the process of Symphony of the Cells™.

Dr. Me (Essential Oil Condition Guide). In a simple, alphabetical format, Dr. Me explains the basics of using essential oils and recommends generic products for more than 50 health conditions.

"Essential Oils 101" Quick Guide. Essential Oils 101" outlines 320 health conditions, which essential oils to use, and how to use them.


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