Organic Wool Dryer Ball

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Soften and dry your clothes faster. Try adding essential oils for a fresh scent. A safe alternative to toxic, chemical dryer sheets.

Soften your clothes and dry them fasterÑ adding essential oils for a fresh scentÑwith organic, New Zealand wool dryer balls. Because they do not contain chemicals or synthetic fabric softeners, wool dryer balls are ideal for babies and others with sensitive skin. They work especially well with cloth diapers, microfiber cloths, and other fabrics that should not be treated with dryer sheets.

As the balls tumble with your laundry, they separate the articles and create pockets of air to speed up drying time. They also absorb water, reduce wrinkles, fluff and soften fabric, andÑwith essential oilsÑadd a lovely scent to the load. The more balls you use, the better the results (4Ð6 is optimal.)

Wool dryer balls are care free and last for hundreds of loadsÑsaving time, electricity, and money!

Contents: 1 dryer ball.

Dimensions: 2_" in diameter.

Instructions: Put 1Ð2 drops of essential oil on each ball; add balls to the dryer with a load of wet laundry. The more you add, the better your results (4Ð6 balls recommended, depending on size of load).

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